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Financial AI automation for real estate.

Blox helps rental property operators run their financial back office with all-in-one software powered by machine learning.

Connect your data

Automate operations

Generate net income

Future operating models require new technology

With markets rapidly transitioning, leading property management companies are reinventing their operating models for efficiency. Traditionally onsite functions are quickly shifting toward centralized services, requiring new technology to enable the transformation.


Your receivables now centralized and automated

Blox integrates with your PMS to automate receivables. Managed from a single dashboard, resident move-out triggers a series of actions, including: statement audit, deposit refunds, payment plans, resident messaging, dispute resolution, and rapid settlements—all built on a modern digital treasury.

Balance ML

Resident Messaging


Automate friendly receivables communication by email and text. All messaging is branded and on-domain. ML optimizes touch frequency and timing to maximize call-to-action.


Payment Plans


Generate custom payment plans for residents with move-out balances. Plans are optimized with predictive ML based on transactional history. Increase payments $200+ per unit.


Rapid Settlements


Send rapid settlement offers with discounts optimized by predictive ML to maximize payment success. Defend your property reputation by minimizing debt collections.


Deposit Refunds


Transform your legacy deposit refund process to a modern digital experience. Residents select ACH, debit card, or check for reduced back office administration.

Capture $200+ per unit in lost revenue

The automation sequence is managed from one dashboard, including performance monitoring and reporting. ML models are trained with ledger data and transactions to optimize messaging, payment plans, and settlement offers. Blox manufactures NOI almost instantly upon activation.

Centralize operations

Automate for efficiency

Generate NOI

Embedded where you already work

Integrated with your existing PMS system to run seamlessly within native back office workflows and resident UIX. Blox enables operators to shift repetitive financial tasks away from onsite staff to centralized services.


What our clients say

"Blox helped us streamline a dozen disconnected and manual processes making us more operationally efficient while also creating revenue for our properties virtually out of thin air."

Deena Levies,
Mission Bay

"Our onsite associates have more focus on leasing and resident retention with Blox automating financial administrative functions. We're one step closer to centralizing the APM role."

Mandy Boras, Riverbend

"Deployment was seamless and fast, it only took us a week to go live and it helped us immediately generate new revenue streams. We're now expanding the pilot across the full portfolio."

Tilly Green,
Hayes Valley

Software that paysfor itself

Blox bills performance fees based on receivables revenue captured, plus a small one-time setup fee. No long-term commitments. Add or remove properties with ease.

  • All-In-One

    Balance ML

    Every month
    1,000 unit minimum
    • Recover - Messaging, payment plans, settlements
    • Refund - Deposit refunds, statement audit, disputes
    • Rent - Reminders, flexible payments, eviction noticing
    • Treasury - Digital bank treasury

Performance pricing

Receivables automation

One solution to automate financial operations